Minecraft Redstone Challenge

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What is Minecraft Redstone Challenge?

Minecraft Redstone Challenge

Whenever new content is added into it, the Minecraft Games category of our website instantly gets better than it already was, with our administrative team wanting to prove that to you all right now and here, when we are happy to share with you the game called Minecraft Redstone Challenge, a puzzle game about logic, focus, and having fun!

Can you complete the challenge of the Minecraft red stones?

In each level of the game you will have various Minecraft levels made out of blocks, with your goal being to light up the blocks that have a symbol on them because once you've done that, the level is complete.

To light them up you need the energy of the red stones, which you use the mouse to move around, and once they reach the necessary spot, they will light up the block.

Make sure to do so until all the blocks are lit up, but know that if two red stones touch one another, you instantly lose that level, so find a way not to let it happen.

You've got a total of 30 levels waiting for you, one more fun than the other one, so we hope that you will give your best at all, and have tons of fun while clearing them. Enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.