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Join Scroll Run

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Join Scroll Run
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Join Scroll Run Overview


Join Scroll Run is one of the most interesting new mouse skill games online to have been added onto our website, and it is yet another awesome game that is also a racing one, a stickman one, and a 3d one all at once, with our team being fully confident that if you give it a shot right now and here, you're going to be having a heck of a time!

Join, scroll, and run towards victory!

You will control a rolling stickman on a course using the mouse, swiping into the direction you want to go, having to collect the other stickmen on the paths so that you form a huge circle made out of stickmen, with which you get over pits, obstacles, advance to higher platforms, and so on.

The more stickmen you collect, the bigger obstacles you can get past, so don't miss out on grabbing them from the roads, which is also true for the coins, of which you should try collecting a lot, using them in the shop to buy cool stuff with them. When you reach the end of a course, the bigger your rolling group is, the more bonus points you will get.

Not that you've understood how simple and fun everything is, we hope that giving this game a chance is what you do right now and here, and we definitely hope to see you around some more, as the fun never stops here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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