Milk Crate Challenge 2

Milk Crate Challenge 2

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Milk Crate Challenge 2
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Milk Crate Challenge 2 Overview


We know for a fact that the first Milk Crate Challenge online game brought over on our website not too long ago is a hit among the many children and adults visitors of ours, so we are very excited that we can now return with Milk Crate Challenge 2, where you have brand new levels to try on, and even harder challenges, so that all of you who are looking to be excited to have what for!

Can you complete the challenges of the milk crates?

Milk crates are going to be arranged in the shapes of stairs, and with each new level that you go through the stairs will be more complicated, because it is only fair that you will be forced to give even more interest and work harder.

You will control the steps of the stickman using the mouse, with which you move his legs, having to step from one crate to another until you reach the top, and then slowly descend to the bottom.

Once you have made it across all the milk crates, you will have completed the level, but be careful not to fall, since you then lose and have to start it again from scratch.

We wish you the best, good luck, and hope you have the focus and skill needed to be a champion of this viral challenge!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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