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LinQuest Overview


On our website, you will always be able to find and play some of the best adventure games online on the internet, with the latest one that we are bringing over for you all to enjoy being called LinQuest, and it is yet another retro 8bit game that is meant to either make you nostalgic, or bring you into a new world you are not familiar with, and, either way, you will be having tons of fun, guaranteed!

Help Lin find the treasures in the dangerous zones!

There will be three dangerous zones through which Lin will adventure, and they are going to be separated into 27 levels you have to finish, nine per region, where you will try your best to find all the hidden treasures. Let's get down the controls first, which are really simple, as you use the arrow keys to move and jump. If you need to reset, press R.

Go through each location, and try reaching the door at their end in order to pass on to the next level of the game. as you have to avoid pits, spikes, and various other traps and enemies you might encounter, with each new level being more difficult than the one before it.

Good luck we wish you both, as well as all the fun in the world, and also we invite you to tell your friends about all our awesome games as well!

How to play?

Use the arrows, R key.

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