Halloween Craft

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Halloween Craft
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What is Halloween Craft?

Halloween Craft

It's that time of the year when we will be bringing over for you some of the best Halloween games online on the internet, and we are very delighted to do it now and here with the addition of Halloween Craft, definitely a must-play game we recommend for each and every one of you, because if you play it, you're guaranteed a ton of spooky fun!

Swap and merge the Halloween items!

This game sort of works like a 2048 game, only instead of numbers you have Halloween-themed objects such as black cats, ghosts, candy, bats, monsters, witch hats, and others.

You will see down below what item you can place in the brackets, so make sure to place three identical ones in a row, because they will then merge together and form an item of a different kind.

This is how you keep merging to get a bigger score but know that if you get stuck with no more room and moves to make, you will lose then and have to start again.

Pick the level of difficulty you want to play in, you can also choose the 50 steps move, where that is the limited number of moves you can make, or the time attack, where you are playing against time.

Good luck, have fun and stick around, the fun will keep on going today on our website, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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