Bridal Race 3D

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What is Bridal Race 3D?

Bridal Race 3D

When you think of online games with brides, 3d racing games is not your first thought, since they are usually wedding dress up games where you help the bride get ready for her big day, but today on our website we wanted to present you all with something different, as we invite you right now to check out the obstacle course game known as Bridal Race 3D!

Help the bride win the races, even in her wedding dress!

You will slide the mouse left and right to direct the bride on the race, as you advance forward through the course, avoiding puddles and other kinds of obstacles while trying to collect as many diamonds as you can so that you increase your score.

Be careful not to fall out of the tracks into the water, or get hit by obstacles/traps too much, since that leads to your loss. You can acquire wedding dresses from the course, or you can buy new ones with the money you earn by playing the game.

Each new level has a bigger challenge for you, but a more fun one at the same time, and we are sure that if you give this game all your interest, you will win all the way through!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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