Birds Vs Blocks

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What is Birds Vs Blocks?

Birds Vs Blocks

Birds Vs Blocks is a game of skill and concentration in which you will have to get acquainted with some very funny and cute birds that you will have to control in the most efficient way because by the end of the game you will have to reach more birds at the finish line so as to earn as high a score as possible.

Pay attention to the numbers on the walls in front of you!

Your mission will be to notice as soon as possible the numbers you have in front of you so that you can enter with your string of birds in the number that is the lowest. You will have to choose the smallest number because depending on what number is on that cube you enter, exactly as many birds you will lose from the row of birds you have behind you. Your mission will be to get as far as possible in this game and to save as many of the birds that you collect during the game.

You can add birds from the route, depending on the numbers you reach, you will win new birds that will be in your line of birds and that will help you get as far as possible in this game.

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How to play?

Use the mouse to control the birds.