Invention Finder 3001

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What is Invention Finder 3001?

Invention Finder 3001

Woozle Goozle, one of the coolest characters that look like animals, are blue, and love science, is back, and he once again wants you to have fun, this time by doing and finding inventions, which is precisely what you will be doing right now in a brilliant and unique game known as Invention Finder 3001!

Find and create as many inventions as you want with Woozle Goozle!

On the right side of the screen, you will find lots of items such as guitars, fans, lights, timers, clocks, microwaves, balloons, wheels, antennas, a blow dryer, bottles, and much more!

You will pick them with the mouse, and try to combine two or more items together to create a new invention. For each item, you can combine it only with a limited number of other items, but we're sure you will be able to find them all.

After one is done, you can change the background it will have in the gallery, and you can change its name, and even save a picture of the invention you made on your computer.

It's all as simple and as fun like that, so playing this game should be what you do right now, having fun as only here is possible, and try out even more science games in this beloved category, for sure!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.