Alien Spotter

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What is Alien Spotter?

Alien Spotter

Now on our website, you get to enjoy all the mini-games featured in the Space Academy game belonging to Elliott from Earth Games category, but individually, each with their own page, making it easier for you to jump straight into the game that you like the most, but if you've never played any of them before, even better, since you will get to discover this world for the first time!

Test your observation skills by finding the aliens!

In each level, you will see a different room from the spaceship, where various human and alien characters are going to pop out randomly from various spots, and when you notice one of the aliens, click on them, and get points each time that you do so correctly.

Before the time granted for the game runs out on you, try to spot and click on as many of the aliens as possible. Be careful not to click on Elliott, his mom, or his dinosaur friend, because that makes you lose points, and too many mistakes make you lose the game.

It's a game where your eyes must be fast, and your hand to click and tap should too, but we're sure that you will come out of it with better skills and have had a ton of fun!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.