Starship Pilot

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What is Starship Pilot?

Starship Pilot

We continue your space training sessions with Elliott from Earth and his many other friends from his Cartoon Network show, as right now you get to play one of his arcade games known as Starship Pilot, where, of course, you learn how to become the pilot of the starship and drive it through space safely for all the crew and guests on it!

Fly the spaceship with Elliott!

Through space you use the mouse to steer your ship, making sure to avoid asteroids, aliens, and other kinds of traps and obstacles, since hitting them too many times and losing all your lives means losing the game.

Grab icons to improve your points, as well as stars, and also power-ups that give you more time, more points, or extra lives, so don't avoid those for anything in the world.

The game is that simple and easy to understand, so playing it right now is what we hope to see you doing, after which we hope that you continue to explore this category just like Elliott is exploring space!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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