Meteor Hunter

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What is Meteor Hunter?

Meteor Hunter

When you are traveling through space, the chances get very high that you might encounter meteors, and, sometimes, the only way to get past them is by destroying them, since they can't be avoided, and this is what you are helping Elliott with right now and here, so that he and his mom can continue their intergalactic adventure!

Shoot the meteors to clear a path for the starship!

You will watch space through the windows of the ship, having to control its cannons, so use the mouse to aim and shoot the meteors that you encounter, getting points for taking them down, and getting extra points if you can also shoot down dangerous enemy alien spaceships, or drones flying around.

Be careful not to get hit by the meteors too many times, because if that happens, the spaceship does not hold up, and you lose, having to start your space adventure from scratch, once more. Good luck, enjoy, and make sure to further check out the category to keep the fun going!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.