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What is

One of the hottest .IO multiplayer games of the moment are without a doubt that of, a game we are very happy to be able to offer you for free on our website, where these experiences are always being brought over for you all, as we want to make sure that you always get to play the best of the best!

Survive the devastating environment and climb the ranks!

You find yourself in the form of an avatar who looks something like a blob, and you have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that is shrouded in dangerous radiation that you need to be careful of primarily, because if it hits you too much you lose and be careful not to get eliminated by other players from the map as well.

You have to go around the map and eat as well as warm yourself up in order to keep your body active, and then you need to gather resources, craft items, and use those items to create your own shelter, which ensures your survival, all while battling for dominance against other players from all over the world.

Move using the W, A, S, D keys, run with the shift key, use the mouse to hit, E to interact, C to craft, and if you want to access the map details, use the M key. Good luck, we hope you have a ton of fun, and then stick around, so that you keep playing the awesome games of the day we've got in store for you all!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, mouse, shift key, E, C, M keys.

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