Retro Bowl

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What is Retro Bowl?

Retro Bowl

It’s time to be the football player you always knew you could be with Retro Bowl!

When you start the game, you input your first and last name. After choosing your name, you can select from any of your favorite teams from Baltimore or Oakland to Miami in the AFC or Tennessee in the NFC.

After you select your team, you’re given the story of Retro Bowl: You’re a new coach about to enter the game of their life. Once you read your backstory, you’re given the opportunity to click “OK” or “SKIP TUTORIAL”

The Front Office Menu is where you can upgrade everything from your staff and free agents to your stadium and rehab facilities.

On the roster tab, you keep your offense rolling with the Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Defensive Line, and Kicker. Clicking on any of the players allows you to view their details and attributes. If you can’t keep the morale of your player high, they’ll cause issues on and off the field.

You’ll go through a brief passing, running, and kicking tutorial that you need to pass before your first game. Now, you’re ready to get out on the field!

Tips for playing Retro Bowl online:

●    Don’t skip the tutorial. If this is your first time playing Retro Bowl, then you’ll want to be familiar with what each screen does. If not, you may not be playing as optimally as you could be.
●    Don’t feel overwhelmed with the different routes the receiver can run. If you notice a receiver route is light on defense, you could potentially pull off a big play.
●    However, don’t be afraid to take a couple of yards at a time with a good running play. Who knows, you might be able to pull off a long running touchdown.
●    Don’t ignore the morale of your players. The last thing you want to do is lose yards because of easily avoidable penalties.

Now go out there and score big!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.