Hello Plant

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What is Hello Plant?

Hello Plant

Interactive puzzle games with drawing lines are always going to be a mainstay on our website since we know how well received they are by audiences all over the world, so of course, we were very glad that right at this moment we had to share with you a terrific new game called Hello Plant!

Get the water into the ground to raise plants!

In each level of the game you have a canister of water placed in various places, and a bucket with ground that has a seed in it, so in order to finish that level you need to get the water to fall into the bucket, so once it has enough of it, the plant sprouts and you advance to the game's next stage.

To do this, use the mouse to draw lines from the canisters, lines on which the water will travel, so make sure that the paths you draw are accurate, easy for traveling, and avoid any kinds of traps and obstacles that you will encounter in levels further down the line.

We wish you good luck, we hope your brain's power is ready, and we hope to see you stick around for even more fun since the day is far from being over with!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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