Witch Magic Academy

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What is Witch Magic Academy?

Witch Magic Academy

Have you ever dreamt about becoming a witch and knowing how to use magic? Well, in the world of online games, everything is possible, and we are giving you the chance to do precisely that right now and here, with the awesome game known as Witch Magic Academy, a high-quality game we would recommend even to boys, not just girls!

Become the best witch at the academy, and master the rules of magic!

For starters, customize the look of your witch character by picking a wand, a hat, a pair of boots, as well as a cape, since these are iconic items that are never missed from the wardrobe of a witch.

You will learn how to make a magic potion for starters, but to do it, you need ingredients, so in the second part of the game you will have a stage in which you find hidden objects.

On the scroll you can see the potions, items, and ingredients you need for the boiling bowl, so look for them on the shelves, finding them all before the sixty seconds granted for it runs out.

Of course, there are always new magic classes you can take at the academy, so just follow the instructions of your teachers, and surely you will climb up in ranks quite quickly!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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