The Power Of Math

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What is The Power Of Math?

The Power Of Math

It's not every day that on our website you get to play action-adventure games online that have a heavy element of mathematics in them, but here we are with the addition of The Power Of Math, where solving various equations is what will help our scientists protagonists to defeat orcs and various creatures in their fantasy adventure!

Use math to advance through all the perils of this fantasy world!

Start by choosing if you want to be the young or the old scientist/sorcerer that you will control on the adventure, and then, pick out of the four mathematical operations which one you want to use in battle.

You will battle various orcs, and, to shoot them with magic, answer the math question on top by picking the right answers out of several options given to you, and then you can attack.

If you get it wrong, the orc you battle can move forward, and if they reach you, you will die. Instead, attack them enough times to deplete their health bar completely, and be victorious using calculations. Good luck, and enjoy this game as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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