Bumbling Builders

Bumbling Builders

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Bumbling Builders
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Bumbling Builders Overview


We sometimes bring along very interesting and unique combinations between puzzle games and action games, which is precisely what we want to put forward for you all at this moment when we invite you to have huge amounts of fun with the game known as Bumbling Builders!

Don't bumble around, but protect the builders!

A creature with a crown known as Little King is what you have to protect, because that is the only way to win, with various creatures attacking it level after level.

To save the king you will build structures made out of blocks as protection for him, so use the left mouse button to place down blocks where you see fit.

To zoom the camera you use the mouse wheel, and when you want to move the camera view around, use the right mouse button. Each new wave of enemies is stronger than the one before, so think up a better strategy each time.

There's nothing else we could tell you, so we invite you to start right now since the best way to have experience is by actually playing the game, and giving it your everything!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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