Hex Takeover

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What is Hex Takeover?

Hex Takeover

While new strategy and war games online are being brought over to our website quite often, it's not every day that we can bring forward for you ones that are as interesting as the one you get to see right now, which combines bears with squids and hexagons, all three things being very popular in the world of online gaming.

Take over the hexagons to win the battle for territory!

You are part of the yellow team, which uses bears, and you can go up against the red squids, blue sharks, or other kinds of creatures, because in battles down below there will be more teams that you go up against, all controlled by the computer.

You will be thrown in an arena made out of hexagons, and you can click on the bears you have, and then tap where you want to go with them, in hexagons next to them.

Going to green ones means multiplying your bears, and going on orange spots means taking over territory from other teams. Acquire more space and hexagons than the other team to win, simple as that.

Don't get overtaken, or you lose, so always try finding the best strategy for moving your pieces on the hexagonal board. Good luck, we hope you have good focus, and enjoy yourself as only here is possible!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.