BFFs Black Friday Shopping

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BFFs Black Friday Shopping
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What is BFFs Black Friday Shopping?

BFFs Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is a worldwide holiday of shopping, where everything you can imagine is being sold at discount prices, something that also applies to clothes, makeup, accessories, footwear, and other fashion items, which is why some fashionable friends are using this day as an opportunity to go shopping and get the best new fits for the 'gram!

Create amazing outfits, cheaper than ever before!

You will do this for four girls and one boy, having a menu of buttons to their right, from where you can mix and match various tops, bottoms, and other clothing, throw on stylish accessories and even choose the makeup colors on their face.

We recommend trying out each item for each of the girls, since they have different wardrobes for different tastes, and we're totally positive you will be very happy with the way they will look together at the end of the game.

Start now, enjoy this game as only here is possible, and make sure you invite your friends here for fun too, because the more of us here, the merrier!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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