Thanksgiving Party Prep

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What is Thanksgiving Party Prep?

Thanksgiving Party Prep

Thanksgiving is the holiday of families, and one of the most important holidays in American culture at the moment, making it the main focal point in many online games, especially those for girls, just like it is going to be the case right now and here through the addition of Thanksgiving Party Prep, which we highly recommend for everyone visiting our website!

Throw the best Thanksgiving party, so prepare hard for it!

The first level of the game gives you the chance to create your own character, where you pick her skin tone, the hairstyle and the color of the hair, the shape and color of eyebrows, and you can throw on some lipstick as well. In the second level you can also dress her up, so mix and match clothing however you see fit, complete with accessories as well.

Continue by cooking the food for the Thanksgiving dinner, where you create a salad mix which you stuff in the turkey, a turkey that you will then cook up in the oven, and since the desert is always welcome, bake a pumpkin pie as well. Finally, set the table and decorate it as festive as possible, and you will surely have an amazing time doing all this prep, and in the dinner as well!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.