State of Survival

16.11.2021 2.827 56 votes

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What is State of Survival?

State of Survival

We're always down to share with our visitors simply the best shooting games online 3d, each better than the last, which is the reason why right at this moment you are invited to have incredible amounts of fun with State of Survival for browsers, where it's humans against zombies, a battle for humanity and survival!

Survive the zombie apocalypse right now!

This game is inspired by The Walking Dead, because you have a campaign where together with other survivors you go as a team through the wasteland infected by zombies to find Daryl Dixon, one of the most popular characters in TWD.

In this MMORP you will travel the land, look for gold to buy weapons and explosives with it, shoot down the zombies you encounter to survive them, and build fortresses and bases as defense.

Always improve your character to be stronger and better equipped to deal with zombies or even human enemies, and pick survivors along the way, make them join your team, and be stronger together!

You will use the mouse to move around, shoot, make decisions, pick up items, and anything else that you need to interact with the world, explore it, survive it, and have tons of fun with it!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.