Funny Food Duel

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What is Funny Food Duel?

Funny Food Duel

Who eats faster, and more? Cats? Dogs? You, or a friend? Well, we can now find about all that by playing Funny Food Duel online on our website, a 2 player game where you and a second real player will have a food-eating contest joined by some cute animals, which will be your avatars, which are things that will be both fun and funny, and which we are sure you will really love from start to finish!

Are you ready for the duel of food!?!

Choose between the 1P mode and the 2P mode from the game's main menu, and then pick your avatars, having plenty of cute dogs and cats to choose from. Hit the button with the swords next to start the confrontation!

Eat the food that is good and looks tasty, but make sure to avoid the food that looks rotten or frozen. There will be a plate with food that is covered, and you have to tap either A or the Right Arrow to jump and eat it.

The first player to eat the good food gets their progress bar filled, and the one who makes it full first, before the time goes out, wins. Of course, if you eat rotten or frozen food, you will have your bar depleted.

Good luck we want to wish both players, and we definitely invite you to stick around to catch more awesome games still on their way just for you!

How to play?

Use the A key, Right Arrow.

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