Black Friday: Shopping Mania

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Black Friday: Shopping Mania
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What is Black Friday: Shopping Mania?

Black Friday: Shopping Mania

Even Kendall Jenner, one of the world's most popular supermodels, likes to take advantage of Black Friday sales that are omnipresent in the fashion world, just like in other parts of retail, and you will now join her on a mall shopping spree where you help her get all the cosmetics, clothes, and footwear she likes, at reduced prices, and then make sure she remains as stunning and beautiful as she always is!

Help Kendall have an awesome and stylish Black Friday!

A makeover comes first, where you will choose the girl's skin tone, hairstyle, outfit, shoes, and jewelry, which we are sure you will mix and match to perfection, and your new avatar will look simply amazing.

When you go to the two shopping stages, first for beauty items, and then for paints and decorations that you will use to change Kendall's house, you will play something that resembles a hidden objects mini-game.

Clothes, footwear, accessories, paints, furniture, and other items are shown in brackets down below, and you have to pick the identical ones from the shop, since they are at reduced prices, and you want to cop them before anyone else, right?

Good luck to you all, we wish you the best, and we invite you with tons of excitement to try out more games for girls on our website, or any other ones, you will love them for sure!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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