Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

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What is Disney Heroes: Battle Mode?

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

If you really wanted to have some fun and action with your favorite Disney characters, such as Ralph, Moana, Stitch, Rapunzel, Wall-E, Maleficent, Scar, and many others, then the best thing you could be playing right at this moment is definitely the game known as Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, which we invite you to try right now on this page, free of charge, with no download required!

Save Disney City from the glitches!

After Ralph and Ven discovered a mysterious key, all hell unleashed, as characters from various Disney stories have traveled through the multiverse to their location, where they need to team up together to save this place from the Creeps, various dangerous enemies that want to cause lots of harm.

In addition to creeps, you will also battle robots, ninjas, monsters, skeletons, mages, and many others. This works like an RPG game, where with the character that you select to be you can improve their stats, acquire bonuses and new abilities for them, which you should definitely do if you want to be able to stand up to bigger foes.

Try completing as many campaigns as possible, unlock new beloved characters, and have fun as it's possible only on our website, where we invite you to keep checking out even more of our awesome games!

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How to play?

Use the keyboard and mouse.