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What is Xmasjong?


It is never too early to start playing Christmas Games online for kids and adults alike, especially on our website, where we make sure to bring you the best of them, just like it happens right now, when our team is delighted to share with you the game known as Xmasjong, which, as the title suggests, is a Mahjong game with Christmas-themed tiles, and trust us when we say you have all the reasons to try it out!

Have a jolly time with Mahjong!

You will have multiple tiles arranged in a certain shape, with many of them being stacked on top of one another, and your main goal would be to match the identical ones, because every time you match a pair, they get removed, and you win the level once you've cleared them all.

You are going to use the mouse, tapping on two tiles that are the same and have nothing between one another, or, even better, are adjacent, so carefully look at the screen to spot them all.

It really is that simple, although the levels get progressively harder, that should not be a problem, since you should work harder the more that you play. Good luck!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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