Beware, Romans

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Beware, Romans
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What is Beware, Romans?

Beware, Romans

Dogmatix and the Indomitables is a brand new show coming from France, one about which we are very excited, especially since our team has already moved up and made sure to bring you games based around it, as we know that you love games with cartoon dogs, so that will surely be the case right now as well with this 3d one!

Beware, Romans, the dogs are coming for you!

This is a stealth game where Dogmatix and all his dog friends need to get past the roman guards and other obstacles along the way, moving without getting caught in order to win. Use the arrow keys to move your dog.

How do you not get caught? Well, it is quite simple, as the most important thing is to avoid going through the red spots on the ground, because those are the lines of sight of the guards, and they might see you.

The faster you finish a course by reaching its end without getting see, the more stars you win at the end of it, and you always need to reach the end goal before the time bar at the end completely depletes around you. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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