Mr. Bean's Rent Hunt

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What is Mr. Bean's Rent Hunt?

Mr. Bean's Rent Hunt

Maybe you were always wondering what Mr. Bean does for a job that he can spend so much time doing goofy things, instead of working? Well, now you have found out that he is a landlord, one who owns the apartment building he also lives in, so month after month he goes from door to door to collect the rent, and this is quite the difficult mission, so why don't you help him out with it?

Help Mr. Bean hunt for the rent!

You are going to use the arrow keys to move Bean through the complex, as you have to search for the bills and grab them until all of them have been collected, and you get all the money.

Watch out for the grumpy tenants that you find along the way, because you need to avoid them at any cost! Why is that? Well, if you bump into them, you lose one of your lives, and losing all your lives means losing the game as well.

Good luck we wish you all, we hope you get lots of rent money, and then keep having fun with this character, as we made sure to bring along the best games to feature him!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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