Pinatamasters 2

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Pinatamasters 2
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What is Pinatamasters 2?

Pinatamasters 2

Pinatamasters 2 should be even more fun than the original, an action and clicker game that had been received very well on our website, so we are sure that its sequel will also make waves and provide boys and girls with total fun, with a whole lot of new pinatas being ready for you to blow up!

Become Pinatamasters by blowing them up and getting a big score!

You will have a character that moves left and right by themselves, and you will click when you want them to throw swords into the air, doing so in order to hit the pinata balloons flying above him.

Use the limited amount of weapons you have to completely blow up the pinatas to win the level, but make sure not to run out of them before you destroy it, or you lose.

With the coins that you earn from each level you can change not only the character's appearance and buy a new avatar, but also new weapons, or upgrades that make you more powerful, faster, or give you more returns.

It's as simple as you can see explained right now, and we are positive you will be able to give the game your very best and have fun with it from start to end!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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