BFF's Winter Holidays

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BFF's Winter Holidays
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What is BFF's Winter Holidays?

BFF's Winter Holidays

In BFF's Winter Holidays girls from all over the world can learn about the importance of friendship despite being from different cultures since one girl in this game celebrates Christmas, the other one celebrates Hannukah, and you will now join both of them through their respective traditions and have the best winter time possible!

Learn and join the two BFFs in their Winter Holidays traditions!

For each of them, you begin with a dress-up stage where you mix tops and bottoms however you see fit, pick a hairstyle, as well as the perfect pair of shoes to go with everything else.

Each holiday has its own specific looks and decorations, so decorate their houses in their spirit, using the buttons to change the items and combine them however you see fit.

Finally, cook a traditional dish with each of the girls, simply following their instructions to use everything in the kitchen, from ingredients to tools, to create delicious food to be enjoyed with friends and family!

It is really that simple, as well as fun, so holding back and not playing this game right now should be out of the question, but a MUST instead, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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