10x10 Winter Gems

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What is 10x10 Winter Gems?

10x10 Winter Gems

Relax by playing 10x10 Winter Gems for the holidays, which is an arcade puzzle game with matching that has a Christmas theme, with Santa even making a special appearance in it, and we highly recommend trying it out if you want to play something a bit different when it comes to the games based around these holidays!

Match the 10x10 Winter Gems for the best Christmas ever!

This game works a little bit like Tetris Games, in that you have gems of various shapes that you need to arrange in a full line from left to right or top to bottom because only when that row of jewels is complete will you have finished the level.

The shapes and colors of the jewels are not important, only the way you arrange them, and the more of them you eliminate, the bigger score you will accumulate.

Of course, if no moves can be made any longer, you lose and have to start again from zero, so we hope you focus not to let that happen, but instead do great and have tons of fun! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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