Kiki's Pink Christmas

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What is Kiki's Pink Christmas?

Kiki's Pink Christmas

Kiki plans to have the best Pink Christmas, but for it to become a reality, planning is not enough, as she needs to put that plan in motion, which is precisely what we invite you all to do right now with the game where you help her with everything from makeup, clothing, decorations, and much more!

Let's have a Pink Christmas with Kiki!

In the first level, you dress up Kiki for some leisure time at home, combining tops and bottoms, as well as throwing in accessories and choosing the best colors for her makeup. Do the same to help her look amazing while cooking cookies as well. You will also dress her up for going to dinner, decorating the tree, and a small holiday photo shoot so she can flaunt it on her Instagram.

It is all that simple and fun, so we hope to see you begin the fun right away, and then we hope that you invite as many of your friends to try this fresh new game as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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