Go Santa Go

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What is Go Santa Go?

Go Santa Go

In Go Santa Go, a Christmas disaster has happened, because Santa's reindeer have gone crazy and flew to the sky without him, with the presents having fallen to the ground, so now Santa has to chase them around on the road, while collecting back all the presents so that they eventually get to the kids that deserve them, so let's help him with that!

Run and Go, Santa, Go!

Santa runs forward automatically, with you clicking on the screen to make him jump, something that you have to do for two reasons: the first one is to jump over the cards on the road, or avoid any other kinds of obstacles, since hitting into them causes you to lose, and the other one is to grab presents in the air.

So, you should strive to advance a distance as big as possible without dying, and collect as many gift boxes as possible to get a big score, and when you die, start again and try harder, of course. Further down the road, you will run faster, so you need to focus more, of course! Good luck, and we wish you all the best, as always!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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