Defuse it!

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What is Defuse it!?

Defuse it!

Get ready to Defuse it! Of course, we're talking about bombs, bombs that could easily blow up at any time, and only if you are here to cut the right chords and take the right course of action will you prevent lots of people from dying in an explosion, with one of our best new puzzle games online!

Let's defuse it and save the day!

Well, there's not really anything that we can tell you on how to miraculously defuse virtual bombs, as you will see the whole thing in front of you, with its many fuses, chips, buttons, number keys, screens, with the one that shows the countdown too.

Use the mouse to interact with the things on the bomb, doing so until you stop the timer from counting down, but know that if you don't achieve that, you will blow up, which forces you to start again from scratch.

You are playing in the newbie level of difficulty to start things off, but are able to advance to more difficult bombs to defuse further down the road if you get good enough and ready for a fresh challenge!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.