Diva Magazine Cover

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What is Diva Magazine Cover?

Diva Magazine Cover

It is time for the Diva to appear on a Magazine Cover, and, of course, she wants to look her best, which is why she needs her trusty stylist to help with that, a role that we invite you all to play right now in this game that combines manicure, makeup, dressing up, as well as decorations, all in one package that you will definitely love from start to finish!

Let's create the perfect magazine cover for Diva!

In the MANICURE stage, you can choose the shape, the colors, as well as patterns that you want to appear on the nails of the girl, and we are sure you will be able to combine them to look really cool and interesting.

Next, you go to the HAIR AND MAKEUP part, where you choose her hairstyle and hair color, shape her eyelashes, put on some lipstick, as well as use blush, eye-shadow, and other cosmetics for her face to be more colorful.

Let's DRESS UP the pregnant Diva next, where you combine the tops, bottoms, purses, and shoes together however you think looks best on her.

DECORATE her magazine cover by picking its frame, the background of the girl, as well as the texts and various ornaments on it, with us being sure that it will draw all eyes on it as soon as it hits the shelves. Start now, fun is one click away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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