FNF with Deltarune: Dive into the Dark World

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What is FNF with Deltarune: Dive into the Dark World?

FNF with Deltarune: Dive into the Dark World

Get ready to Dive into the Dark World with Deltarune characters in an FNF setting, as characters from this popular franchise, are getting together to battle it out on various songs representing them the best, and on each of the four songs featured in this mod you will have a different battle, as presented below:

Let's have a dive into the music of the dark world of Deltarune!

No matter if you play this game in the story mode or free play mode, the way to achieve victory is the same in both of them, which is by reaching the end of the songs, and to do that you need to help your character hit all their notes according to the charts along them.

So, when you see arrow symbols match above the character's head, press the identical arrow keys, but know that missing to do that multiple times in a row leads to losing, so be careful. Good luck, and all the best we want to wish you!

Mod Credits:
Original Credits:
  • ninjamuffin99
  • PhantomArcade 3K, Evilsk8r
  • Kawai Sprite

This is an open-source game, and you can support the developers here.

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys.