Flex Run

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What is Flex Run?

Flex Run

Welcome to Flex Run, one of the most interesting avoiding games online we've clearly had in the last year on our website, a mobile-friendly and high-quality game where you combine mouse skill and abilities with focus, all while helping the virtual girl in this game with a bit of a workout!

Let's flex, run, stretch, and have fun!

You will have a lady on a yoga mat, dressed up in workout gear, and you are going to have to help her avoid the countless pieces of furniture that are coming towards her, avoiding them by doing yoga poses and flexible moves around the mat, moving from one spot to another.

Tap and hold the left mouse button while moving left and right, in any direction you want, and once you finish a level, you get money in return, so aim for sums as big as possible.

If even a bit you get touched by the furniture, you lose and know that from one level to another you will have the furniture moving faster and faster. Good luck, and all the best we wish you all!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.