Adam and Eve Go Xmas

Adam and Eve Go Xmas

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Adam and Eve Go Xmas
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Adam and Eve Go Xmas Overview


You can't miss playing Adam and Eve Go Xmas for free on our website right now for anything in the world, since all families and couples want to be together for Christmas, and the same would be true for the first family as well, Adam and Eve, who are now separated from one another, so you have to go on a run with this platform-adventure game to reunite them!

Go forward and help Adam and Eve reunite for Xmas!

Move Adam using the arrow keys, with the up one being used for climbing stairs, and the down one for descending them, and you have to go through each level, use levers to open up doors or bring down spikes, find keys to unlock them, avoid all the monsters, and before reaching the end of a stage, try collecting as much if not all the gifts along the course.

Gift-giving is a tradition for his holiday, and, of course, Eve would want some gifts after being left alone, so don't reach her empty-handed! The gifts also represent score, of course. Now, watch out for traps and monsters along the way, as well as any other kinds of dangers, since you only have three lives available, and losing them all means losing the game.

Good luck, we want to wish you all the best, and invite you to stick around for more great games coming here all day long!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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