Queen of Pop

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What is Queen of Pop?

Queen of Pop

Do you have what it takes to become the Queen of Pop? Don't worry, you can be a boy as well and still play this amazing arcade-hypercasual game with music and enjoy it to the max, despite its title, so we now recommend everyone, no matter their gender or age, to have the best musical time of the today, only here, all for free!

Let's show our musical skills with the Queen of Pop!

Start by choosing a song, each with a level of difficulty written underneath it as well:

  • City Lights
  • Havana Vibes
  • Slide into my DM
  • Midnit Dynamite
  • No Tomorrow
  • Outside
  • Party Prep
  • Mystery Date
  • Yaas
  • Be My Bae
  • Getting Ready
  • Thirsty

Just like in guitar hero games, you have notes coming down the strings, and when they are at the bottom, press the corresponding button for them, one of the three arrows:

  • Blue - Left Arrow
  • Orange - Down Arrow
  • Red -  Right Arrow

Reach the end of the song to win, but know that if you miss hitting too many notes, the song is ruined, and you will have to start it again from scratch. Rhythm games are now more popular than ever, so trying this one out is a must, for something new and fresh!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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