Icy Purple Head 3

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What is Icy Purple Head 3?

Icy Purple Head 3

The Icy Purple Head 3 game is the third version of a really popular arcade-adventure game with blocks, ice, and tons of other fun stuff to be doing, where your puzzle-solving skills, as well as a sense of adventures, is what will help you do great and have tons of fun along the way!

Let's deliver all the parcels with the purple heads!

Your main goal in each level is to take the cube-like purple heads and throw them in one way or another in the parcels because when that happens, the level is cleared, as the deliveries can be made.

When you tap and hold the left mouse button the purple heads freeze, allowing them to slide on the ice, so use this propriety of theirs to move them from one spot to another, otherwise, they remain static.

Other elements can appear of which you should figure how to use, such as the boxing hand that throws your head forward if you get it there, and makes it slide into the box.

Each new puzzle is more difficult than the last, but more fun at the same time, and it's rewarding to pass them all, something we invite you all to do right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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