Duel of Wizards

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Duel of Wizards
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What is Duel of Wizards?

Duel of Wizards

Duel of Wizards is the Two-Player Game that you NEED to play right now, trust us when we say that, since it's a high-quality addition we have loved playing ourselves, in the administrative team, because we got to use magic to fight against one another, in a fantasy world that looks like it was taken straight from a picture book!

Who will win the DUEL OF WIZARDS?

The two wizards are made out of blocks with a triangle as their pointy hat and are holding a wand in their hand. Because of their body structure, they can't really move well, as they zig-zag around, and their hands flounder about.

When you press the S key or the Down arrow, one for each player, they shoot magic out of their wand, so try finding the right time to shoot it so that you hit the rival wizard, depleting their health bar to win.

This is how a duel between magicians will take place in this game, so give it a chance right now, and both of you should give it your best if you want to win against the other and have the full experience of this game!

How to play?

Use the Down Arrow, S key.

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