Sky Rollers

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What is Sky Rollers?

Sky Rollers

Play Sky Rollers online for free on our website right now if you are curious to have the experience of roller-blading in the sky, an experience not possible and not recommended in real life, but one with tons of excitement if you are to have it virtually, which is precisely what we invite you to do right now!

Let's become the top sky roller!

Your girl with the rollerblades will move on the track forward automatically, but you use the mouse to change between spreading her legs and bringing them back together. Do that with the mouse by swiping outwards to spread, inwards to gather.

Do so in order to avoid the multiple obstacles that you will find along the tracks because if you hit them, you lose, but if you reach the end of the course you get points in return and will be able to try your hand at a more difficult level.

Those are the basics, now you know them, so giving this game a chance right now is what we hope to see you do right away, after which we invite you to stick around for more fun to be had, always a guarantee!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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