Pirate Bombs

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What is Pirate Bombs?

Pirate Bombs

Welcome to Pirate Bombs, one of the best new pixel action-adventure games to have been added on our website recently, a format that is always really well received here, and the fact that we have pirates, bombs, and whales in it will only make it more interesting for the visitors of our website playing it!

Let's help the pirate get his bombs!

On each level, there are three bombs you have to collect with your pirate, with whom you move and jump using the arrow keys. When you see whales, don't bump into them, or you lose, but instead, drop onto their heads to kill them. Don't let yourself get caught by the water that is slowly ascending underneath you, and reach the door at the end of a level to clear it.

Now that you know how simple and fun this all is, nothing will hold you back from starting your pirate adventure right now, and having fun as it's possible only here, always for free, and unblocked!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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