Rhino Rush Stampede

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Rhino Rush Stampede
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What is Rhino Rush Stampede?

Rhino Rush Stampede

Rhino Rush Stampede is going to become one of our best running and jumping games with animals that we've had on our website from the first instant that it has dropped because it has all that you would want: amazing courses, great graphics, easy gameplay, and cute animals, and on top of that, it can also be played on any mobile devices you want!

Let's go on a stampede rush with the rhino!

The rhino will run forward automatically, and when you use the left mouse button he makes jumps, and when you press the right mouse button, it will do a dash, meaning that he runs very fast. Make sure to jump over obstacles, pits, and traps, along the way, or your run ends then and there.

Instead, try to see how big of a distance you can advance on, because the game is an endless one, so the biggest distance you can make is infinite. Try to see how close you can get! Increase your score by collecting bananas, apples, and other fruits along the way, and make sure to also grab onto power-ups, since they can give you more speed, invulnerability, and other great powers.

We hope to hear from you about how far you got in the comments section, and we definitely hope that you invite your friends to try this and other of our games as well, they won't be disappointed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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