Mini Stilts

Mini Stilts

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Mini Stilts
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Mini Stilts Overview


Mini Stilts is the perfect new addition for the so many visitors of our website who really love to play arcade-adventure games with skill elements since it is an easy-going retro-pixelated game featuring one of the cutest green blobs you have ever seen, and twenty-seven levels that get progressively hard but also more fun at the same time!

Let's use the mini stilts to complete the adventure of the blob!

You will have the green blob moving from one wall to another automatically, and in order to help him get past bumps or to descend from higher places, you have to alternate between having stilts and not.

When you want stilts, click on the screen, and when you want them gone, click again. The goal is to reach the stinking green goo at the end of a level to pass it, and along the way, you must avoid bumping into the red flowers, because touching them causes you to lose.

Let all this fun begin right now, you won't regret checking the game for anything in the world, and don't hesitate to see what other great content is still on its way right now for you, only here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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