Stick Transform

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What is Stick Transform?

Stick Transform

Stick Transform is the game we've added right now for all of you who really love racing games and skill games all in one, with this one having all these elements, is a 3d game with great graphics and fun courses, so you now have plenty of reasons to try it out, which we recommend even if you've never played anything like it!

Transform the stick man to win the race!

You will race on three lanes on the course, against two other stick people, and there are two ways you can be and transform from one to another by clicking on the buttons down below. You can be a runner, who is meant for running fast on solid ground and jumping over blocks and obstacles, and a builder, which you should transform into to build a bridge over the gaps on the course.

If you fall into the pits, you lose instantly, so try your best to always be ready to transform and do it at the right moment. This way you try to finish level after level, with the courses getting more difficult but more fun at the same time as you progress. Good luck, and don't stop here, we always have the cream of the crop in gaming to offer you, guaranteed!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.