FNF: Spark VS Fark

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What is FNF: Spark VS Fark?

FNF: Spark VS Fark

FNF: Spark VS Fark is a special mod to have been added into our category of Friday Night Funkin' Games, first of all because 2 player games don't appear here very often, and, secondly, this one does not use the original source code of the game, and it brings something new to the table, although you can clearly see how the gameplay had been inspired by FNF!

Spark Vs Fark, a 2 player rhythm battle for the ages!

You will have to make a choice between the A-side and the B side of the song, and you need to reach the end of it to win, playing all your notes according to the charts to do so. This means pressing the keys corresponding to the notes at the exact same time as the identical arrows match above your character.

Now, the two players will make a choice between the WASD keys and the ARROW KEYS, so use your keys appropriately, and keep on going, with the player that does the best in playing their notes becoming the winner, but the one that misses too many notes in a row loses. Good luck, enjoy!


Programming/Backgrounds by: @LakeFeperd
Character Art by: @Mstr_DJ
Music by: @teodordumi

How to play?

Use the Arrows and WASD keys.

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