I'm a skateman

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What is I'm a skateman?

I'm a skateman

I'm a skateman is a perfect game for both skateboarders and puzzle enthusiasts, since this is a puzzle game with drawing where you go skating and the stakes are raised a lot because if you're not careful, you will get staked into spikes, do you want that to happen? Let's see if you can prove your worth!

I'm a skateman, prove to me you are too!

You will have a skater who will only move and skate when you click on him, but before that, you have to draw a path for him to take, something that you do by holding the mouse and moving how you want to draw that path. Draw it in such a way that you collect the three coins before you reach the flag, which is the spot where you win.

Movable platforms can help you, static ones as well, but be careful not to fall into the spikes, since that is instant death and a return to the start of the level. Each new stage will give you a puzzle that is more difficult, but definitely even more fun as well, so improve your drawing skills level to level to keep on skating!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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