Pretty Tiles

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What is Pretty Tiles?

Pretty Tiles

We continue our hit streak of amazing mahjong games online we've added here recently with Pretty Tiles, which we recommend for boys and girls alike, despite the title, with this game challenging you and relaxing you at the same time, so trying it out right now should become your priority right now!

Let's match all the pretty tiles and get lots of points!

Active tiles are lit up, and if you find three of them of the same kind, make sure to click on them, so that they can be taken out and eliminated, which earns you points in return. Keep using this method to reveal and match all of the tiles until none of them are left.

If you see ones that have timers on them counting down, make sure to focus on them and eliminate those firstly, because that way you will earn some extra points. The number of tiles and the difficulty they are arranged in level up from one stage to another, so you should also focus more and work harder.

Let the fun begin right now, and if you have friends you know also love these kinds of games, sharing it with them should be the next thing you do when done with it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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