Castle Chess

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What is Castle Chess?

Castle Chess

Castle Chess masterfully combines chess games with tower defense games and war games, all in one cool-looking retro package that you are bound to love from start to finish, just like we have had after we will now explain to you what you have to do and how so that you give this game your very best!

Can you win the chess castle battle?

The first step is creating your army, and you should know how your pieces can move:

  • Pawn: can move one up or beat 1 enemy diagonally, and if you use it as an opener you can move two spots.
  • Knight: it moves in an L-shape, in any direction, if free spots are available in that shape.
  • Bishop: moves diagonally however spots are free to move on and you want.
  • Rook: moves in the cardinal directions on how much of the field you want.
  • Queen: moves both cardinally and diagonally.

After you've made your army, which can consist of 40 items, you then have to battle one wave of enemies/bandits after another. As they make their move, figure out the best way to counter-attack them, eliminating them all while preventing them from reaching your king in order to win.

Each new wave and level is more difficult than the one before, but more fun at the same time, so keep improving as you go along and keep having even more fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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