Juicy Run

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What is Juicy Run?

Juicy Run

Juicy Run represents yet another edition of this series of running games 3d that is becoming increasingly popular on our website and everywhere else, where instead of just running, you also have to focus your skills on doing some things and avoiding others, with the main goal of this one being to make the tastiest and healthiest juice out there!

Take the Juicy Run in the name of good health!

Hold the left mouse button to charge your seesaw, and then release to shoot, which will shoot one, two, or three other seesaws from it, depending on how much you've charged up. The goal is to use the rotating knives to cut as many fruits as possible, from apples, oranges, lemons, watermelon, and more.

If you've cut up enough fruits for the required juice at that level, you advance to the next one, where the track is more complicated but more exciting at the same time. Those are the techniques, and everything else you needed to know, so start right now and have the best time possible!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.